Site Rules

1. Construction Industry WHITE CARD MUST be sighted by MAIN FOREMAN before work starts.

2. Do not invite or bring visitors or other workers onto site unless they have attended a site-specific induction for this project prior to entry.

3. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on site - persons under the influence will not be permitted on site.

4. No pets, glass containers or radios are permitted on site.

5. Work activities MUST be performed in compliance with work method statements, SDS etc. supplied to MAIN before work starts.

6. No parking on construction site, there will be a parking zone set-up for all personal vehicles, subcontractors outside fenced area.

7. Observe and obey all road signs – Stop, Give Way etc.

Queensland Road Rules apply.

A speed limit of 10km/hour MUST be maintained.

8. All sub-contractors and individual workers MUST maintain good housekeeping practices by conducting a thorough clean-up of work activities at least once per day and maintain clear access ways at all times.

9. Workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination, violence and theft will not be tolerated on site.

10. Do not attempt unfamiliar work/ tasks without instruction and do not work in a manner which endangers your or anyone else's safety.

11.Do not urinate or defecate other than in the toilets provided for you on site.

 12. All electrical equipment is to be maintained in safe condition. All leads and power tools are to be tested and tagged in accordance with current legislation.

 13. Use POWER TOOLS in a safe manner.

  • PROTECT YOURSELF! Wear the appropriate safety gear
  • Use the right tool for the job
  • Switch off the power & disconnect power tools when not in use
  • Plan your work before you begin
  • Use equipment properly and in a way they were meant to
  • Don’t work with power tools if you are tired
  • Store tools safely

14. All equipment and actions that necessitate formal qualifications under the National Competencies Standard E.g. Skid Steer, Dogging, Crane etc. operators are to be carried out only by those workers in possession of said qualifications.

15. There is to be no fraternising, whistling, heckling or any other forms of interaction between site employee's and the general public.

 16. All deliveries MUST be organised through Site Foreman.


18. Exclusion Zones

When vehicles are approaching Heavy Machinery, a 20-metre exclusion zone will be maintained.

Positive communication is required when entering the exclusion zone – 20m exclusion.

When approaching working heavy machinery ensure permission is requested prior to approaching or passing the vehicle.

Example of Vehicle requests permission:     

A: Copy (identify vehicle – use ID number of vehicle i.e MCP 284).

B: Copy.

A: I need to drive past you.

B: Copy, ok to pass.


Not adhering to site rules and/or not working in a safe manner will result in either an issue of non-conformance or being let go.

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